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Welcome to Structure Home & Co.

STRUCTURE HOME & CO. offers a full service solution and services for all things 'Home',

including home staging and showcasing, decluttering, organizing, moving and cleaning services to assist homeowners in taking their living space to the next level. With a passion for transforming homes, getting them market ready, and decluttering & organizing spaces, we will work with you (or your client) to create stunning, functional, efficient, and organized spaces.



Selling and moving?.....We stage homes too.

Did you know?

...Statistics show, that by having a home staged you can yield up to a 400% return on the staging investment?

Also, by having your home staged you can expect to receive between 6% and 20% more on the sale of your home

and decrease time on the market by 30-50%.


Moving or Downsizing?

We can assist in the decluttering & packing/unpacking portions, acquire a moving team, and helping you get organized at the new home.

Thank you for choosing Structure Home & Co. for all your property staging, organizing, cleaning and home styling needs.

We can't wait to discuss and work on your project with you!

Michelle Scott is a graduate of The Ultimate Academy. She is a Certified UltimateStager™️​ & Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™️,

with additional diplomas in Interior Design & Photography. She lives in her happy place, near the lake in Grimsby, Ontario with her daughters & fur babies. Michelle enjoys living life to the fullest by being outside as much as possible and connecting with nature.

She enjoys traveling, reading, great music, paddle boarding & hot yoga.

She has been organizing and redecorating since the age of three.

Her mantra is: 'Live Simply'
















                                                                                                          Michelle Scott, USC™️, UCPO™️

                                                                                                       Certified UltimateStager™️​

                                                                                       Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™️   

                                                                                                     Cleaning Guru                                                                                                      

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